Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 141 - Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joe Sliders, Apple Slices, Celery

Ok, friends, this week's posts are going to be short and simple, just like the lunches I'm making.  Life is just busy - professional conferences, longer hours, trying to get ready for vacation (yay!), and life in general.  So, this week is going to be all about sandwiches. 

I normally don't eat a lot of sandwiches.  I love a good sub every once in a while, or a nice panini, but I think somewhere between kindergarten and junior year of high school, I got burned out on sandwiches.  This week, however, I'm making an exception.  Sandwiches' lunchtime popularity is because they're easy, fast, cheap, palatable, and a great use of leftovers!  Of course, sandwiches don't have to be just PB&J every day, either.

So, today, I have Sloppy Joe sliders.  I made Sloppy Joes last night (ground beef + canned sauce...couldn't be easier), and put them on slider buns instead of regular sized ones.  Easier to eat, and way cuter.  AND, two sliders fit perfectly into my Easy Lunch Boxes!

I brought a big napkin to microwave the sandwiches on so as not to heat up the apples and celery I had on the side.  Crunchy, delicious, and a good balance of healthy and indulgent! Pin It Now!

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