Objective: To produce and document at least four lunches a week for one year, almost entirely for work. Recipes, tips, and pontificating included as necessary.

Complications: I'm a girl on a budget and a girl on a diet. Also, I do not have time for garnishes or cute knife tricks. These lunches need to be healthyish, affordable, and easy.  Leftovers welcome.

Resources:  EasyLunchBox System and carrying cooler. Other various plastic containers.  Silicone baking cups.  Skewers. Sharp knives. Microwave at work.  Good cooking skills. Excellent couponing skills. Access to Publix, Kroger, various produce stands, and one knock-your-socks-off farmers' market.
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  1. I just wanted to say how much I love, love, love your site! I used to loathe packing lunches for myself and my preschooler, but ever since I stumbled on to your blog I've been inspired every week to plan lunches and actually pack instead of eating out (both a budget and diet breaker!!). This has taken all the stress out of the dreaded "what's for lunch" routine, and I love that the meals are healthy, affordable and DO-able (seriously, who has an hour to create food art every morning?!?!?). Thank-you so much for doing this!!!!

    1. Emily, that just warms my heart! I'm so glad this blog has helped you - it has certainly made life a lot easier and healthier for me!

  2. I stumbled on your site via Pinterest and I LOVE it! Your recipe selections are easy enough without losing flavor or "pizazz". I'm inspired.

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