Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 137 - Chicken and Salad with a New Product!

Salad with Baked Chicken, Red Plum, Dried Apricots

I decided that I needed a salad with some chicken for dinner last night.  I also decided to be lazy and get some bottled dressing, for both dressing the salad and marinating the chicken.  I usually make my own, but every once in a while I just say "what the heck, dressing is on sale and I want to be lazy."  So, I turned down the dressing aisle and encountered one of the most brilliant marketing ploys I have ever seen.

Enter Kraft Sizzling Salads.  As best I can tell, this is a box of two 6 ounce bottles of complementary flavored dressing, one marked for cooking, the other marked for salad.  The intent is that you use one bottle for cooking your chicken, the second for dressing a side salad.  They come in four flavors - Tuscan, Caesar, Asian, and Southwest.  For the one package, you pay the same amount that you would for a 16 ounce bottle of dressing.  So, you're paying a little more, but you get two flavors.  I played around with them, and you could use either dressing in the package for cooking, salads, marinating, all sorts of things.  And each bottle could be used for at least two salads.

Are bottled dressings overpriced and full of chemicals?  Yep.  Do most of us use them anyway?  Yeah, on occasion.  So, which I wouldn't necessarily use these as directed, this is a great little package to inspire your creativity.

I bought then Tuscan package.  I used the peso flavor to marinate the chicken, which I baked and chopped up.  Dressed the whole salad in the balsamic dressing.  Not a bad deal, in all honesty.  Try it and let me know what you think. Pin It Now!

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