Monday, February 18, 2013

Day 125 - Turkey Burger

Turkey Burger on Wheat Bun, Apples, Blueberries.

Made some turkey burgers for dinner last night, made an extra one to take to lunch today.  I had a turkey burger on a wheat bun wtih lettuce, white cheddar cheese, and dijon mustard, accompanied by blueberries and apples.  Not too unhealthy, right? 

The trick is, I assembled this lunch and took a picture of it..and then just disassembled it for packing.  I know, I know, deception!  But, I didn't want to eat a cold burger, and I didn't want to heat up the whole dish.  So, I actually packed the fruit as you see it now.  I then packed the hamburger bun with the cheese and letuce in the middle.  I had a pack of mustard that I tucked in the side, and then I put the actual turkey burger in a small sandwich bag.  That way, all I had to do at work was nuke the bagged burger in the microwave for about a minute, slide it between the lettuce and the cheese, wrap it in a nice fluffy bun drizzled in mustard, and enjoy! Pin It Now!

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