Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 124 - The Lunch I Forgot to Plan

Muller Greek Corner with Berries, Lara Bar, Carrots, Nut Thins

 Some weeks, you just can't plan out every meal.  And so you come to Friday morning and you just throw things in your lunch box.  This morning, I found a Muller Greek Corner, Lara Bar, carrots, and almond Nut Thins crackers.  Pretty healthy for a lunch on the fly, if I do say so myself.

Have you tried Muller Corners?  Muller is a European brand that Quaker has brought to the US, and it's to die for!  Unfortunately, the Muller Rice pudding snacks haven't made the transatlantic journey, but someday, I hope...
Strawberry Muller Corner

Anyway, as they appear now they come in Greek and traditional yogurt varieties, and the corners have delicious little additions, like fruit preserves or chocolate or granola.  You should try them if you haven't!  They fit great in your Easy Lunch Boxes, too! Pin It Now!

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  1. Same boat here today, only I made mine Subway.