Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 8 - New Foods!

Black beans, quinoa, kiwi, and pepino melon. 
Lots of leftovers, obviously.  Quinoa and beans (they look plain but are heavily seasoned..although they needed cheese!) and some kiwi. Fruit was in baking cups today so that I could remove them while I microwave the entree.  I especially wanted to keep the fruit cold and fresh since I discovered a new one at the farmer's market...the pepino melon!

Pepino Melon
Also called the pepino dulce, this is a South American fruit that I stumbled upon while trying to find kiwis.  It's part of the nightshade family (eggplants, tomatoes, etc), and it's considered to have a very sweet flavor.  It's eye catching, too - creamy golden skins with eggplant purple stripes.  I decided to branch out and try it.  It was...ok.  The texture was similar to a honeydew, and tasted something between a pear and a banana.  The flavor was very mild to the point of being too mild.  To be fair, I may not have let it ripen enough before eating it, I actually have no idea.  But it was very cold and juicy, which I liked.  It might be better as part of a fruit salad....ooooo, or maybe grilled!  With honey!  Hmmmmmm....

As it was, not a home run for me, but it was a fun experiement!  I'd love to hear feed back from others who have eaten this fruit. Pin It Now!

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  1. I've never heard of or seen this fruit but I AM curious about how you prepared your quinoa and made it delicious. :)