Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 10 - More Fun Products

Grilled Pita with Feta, Fruit Skewers, Shrimp, and Trader Joe's dried Green Beans

This was a quick lunch, despite appearances.  I used up the leftover shrimp (which, apparently, looks horrible in photos but not in real life) by sprinkling it with salt and lemon juice.  Then I threw some wheat pita filled with thin slices of low fat feta cheese on my trust old George Foreman grill while I fixed breakfast.  Then I tossed in some dried green beans and threw some cherries and grapes on skewers.  I put them on skewers mostly so that they wouldn't roll around all over the pita, but they were also very good for raising in the air and gesticulating while I made some witty and profound point about shoes or something during lunch. 

Food as accessories, people.  Never forget it.

I wrapped the pitas in a little bit of parchment to keep the bread nice and crispy.  And here's a product I absolutely love for this:  PaperChef parchment bags.

Parchment Bags - why didn't I think of this?
These are great for baking, and I particularly like to use them for salmon and/or vegetables.  These are so much easier than making your own package out of flat parchment.  However, I don't cook en papillote nearly often enough to use up all of these.  My mom gave me a box of 10 for Christmas and should give me some more this year because I love them almost as much as I love her hint hint, but I'm just now beginning to feel like my supply is waning.  So I often find more creative uses for these.  In this case, I cut off the top half of a bag, making a sleeve with two ends to wrap the pitas in.  I just slipped the pitas in one end and folded the bottom over.  I'm hoping it will stay dry enough to reuse on another sandwich, but we'll see!

The other thing that I love to buy in this lunch was Trader Joe's Green Beans.  They're dried, and salted, and delicious.  There's also a little bit of natural sweetness to them, which complements the fruit and nicely contrasts with the salty bite of the grilled feta.  They also keep for a loooong time in the pantry. :)

Crunchy like chips, but good for you!  Or, at least, better for you?

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