Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 4 - Reinventing Leftovers

Wheat Pita filled with White Bean Mediterranean Salad, Cucumber Slices, Blueberries, and Pistachios
It's late in the week, which means I need to clean out my fridge before I go shopping this weekend.  I had just a little bit of that White Bean Mediterranean Salad that I made earlier this week, but there wasn't much of it.  After a  lunch, a dinner,  and a serious afternoon snack, there wasn't much left but the marinade and a few tomatoes.  I also may or may not have also eaten all of the avocados out of it with some toasted pita earlier.  Maybe.  Anyway, not enough to make a lunch.

So, I just added another half cup of chopped tomatoes and feta cheese, finishing off those supplies for the week.  That's the beautiful thing about a good marinated salad - you can just keep adding ingredients for about a week as they pop up, and the marinade just gets more and more delicious.

I stuffed the salad into two halves of a whole wheat pita, added some cucumber slices and the last of the blueberries, and treated myself to some crunchy-salty-yummy pistachios!  I know I can buy them out of the shells, but I like having to shell them myself.  It makes me eat slower, and on a rough day it can be therapeutic to have something to break open repeatedly. Maybe. :)

Had just enough leftover for dinner last night, so I spooned it onto a whole pita and toasted it in the oven for about 10 minutes until the cheese got all melty and fabulous.  Added a bagged caesar salad and it was divine!

Not the prettiest picture ever, but seriously - so good.

I realize I've relied heavily on the tomatoes, feta, and avocado this week.  Some of you might be thinking "that lunch lady is crazy, I could never eat so repetitively!"  To be honest, neither can I, usually.  These are just some of my favorite things so I don't mind eating them over and over.  Other weeks, there will be more variety, promise.  Also, more non-vegetarian meals. :)

Happy Weekend, everybody! Pin It Now!

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