Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day 203 - Tarte aux Champignons

Tarte aux Champignons, Spinach Salad

 Today, we have another treat from the Trader Joe's freezer section.  This Tarte aux Champignons is very similar to the Tarte d'Alsace that I love so much, just with different toppings.  This one has mushrooms, emmental, and some other cheeses - still the tasty pastry crust, still a tasty bechamel base.  Y'all, these things bake in 10 minutes!  That's it!  Just enough time to get your plates, drinks, and salad ready!  I paired the leftovers today with a plain spinach salad (I threw some vinaigrette in the lunch box, not pictured), and it was a very tasty, quick lunch!  Pin It Now!

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