Monday, April 8, 2013

One List, Four Healthy Lunches

I have two things going on this week:  I am super busy, and I've been eating badly over the last week.  So, I wanted some lunches this week that were healthy but quick, with lots of fruits and veggies.  So, I made up one list and used the ingredients over and over again this week.  I'll be showing you each lunch on each day, but here you can see how they all relate.

 My ingredients are all pictured above, with one exception.  On my shopping list for lunches this week was:

Mini Whole Wheat Pitas
Green Grapes
Mandarin Oranges
Bagged Lettuce with Julienned Vegetables
Grape Tomatoes
A Cucumber
Goat Chevre
Pimento Cheese
Four Cheese Ravioli

Not pictured is a bag of frozen edamame, as well as kitchen staples like oil and vinegar.  

For lunch this week, I'll be having:

Fruits and Veggies with Pimento Cheese
Fruits and Veggies with a Green Salad
Fruits and Veggies with Goat Cheese
Fruits and Veggies with Ravioli Salad

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