Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day 155 - Fruit and Veggie Box with Goat Cheese

Whole wheat pita, cucumber, grape tomatoes, edamame, marinated goat cheese, green grapes.

Today's special treat is some goat chevre drizzled with a little olive oil and honey, which I let soften before lunch and spread all over some whole wheat pita.  Yum.  Packed it with some grapes (yum!), tomatoes (ok, I'm getting a little tired of these), cucumbers, and edamame.  Since goat chevre is a pretty low fat cheese, as cheeses go, I felt really good about the health factor in this meal. 

In other news, if you're looking for good lunch box ideas that also use the Easy Lunchbox system, try checking out Kelly Lester's Easy Lunchbox Facebook page.  She's the creator of these ingenious little devices, and features lots of great bloggers on her page! Pin It Now!

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