Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 149 - Open Face Breakfast Sandwich

Open Face Breakfast Sandwich, Red Grapes, Clementine
Aaaaand, we're back!  From a wonderful, relaxing, taco and margarita filled vacation!  I already miss my dear friend who was sharing her time and couch with me, but I think we had a great time.  I hope you all had a good week, as well!

Of course, the downside of traveling is...well, the traveling part.  Flying through an airport-which-must-not-be-named, I was naturally delayed by about four hours due to...well, this airport just generally being inept.  Sorry, but they always mess something up.  Anyway, trials of this particular airport aside, I got home well past my bedtime last night, and so did not have time to grocery shop or prepare lunch.  What's a lunch blogger to do?!  Well, I multitasked!  As I was making breakfast this morning (toast, boiled egg, fruit), I decided to throw together a breakfast sandwich for lunch.  I had a multigrain piece of toast which I topped with goat chevre, two strips of crisp bacon, and one egg cooked over hard (I would have made it over easy had I not been taking it to work).  Not the prettiest sandwich, but very tasty!  I added grapes and a clementine on the side, and I was good to go!

There will be some cooking tonight, so we'll see what more interesting things I'm able to concoct! Pin It Now!

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