Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 115 - I Love Dried Fruit

Leftover cheese pizza, broccoli, dried strawberries.

I love dried fruit.  I do.  I love fruit, and I love crunchy things.  Dried fruit is an obvious win for me!

Packed some leftover  pizza, broccoli, and dried strawberries for lunch today.  I bought them in a weak moment when I decided to go to Whole Foods and spend eleventy thousand dollars on five items.  But man were these good!  Tart, sweet, crunchy, light!  Mmmm...

Don't they look like plump little rose petals?!

In other news, I figured out a great way to pack pizza for lunch.  This was a pre-made pizza from the farmer's market that I baked at home.  I got a piece of aluminum foil and folded it so that it fit perfectly in the bottom of my largest container.  When the pizza was ready, I just used the foil as a template for how to cut the pizza perfectly for the container.  I estimated that I could get four perfect slices, plus scraps, per 12 inch pizza.  I actually just cut out two slices and split the leftover "scraps" (which were pretty big) between two people.  Two dinners and two lunches.  Oh, who am I kidding, two dinners, one lunch, and one snack!  But seriously, how cool is that? Pin It Now!


  1. Looking thru your days I am so amazed at the number of ideas you have come up with. Sure, I noticed a few pizzas in there, but each day is so different from the next.

    Me, I eat the same thing for days at a time, in order to get rid of it. This week, salad/pineapples/carrots. I am ripening avocadoes so once they ripen 1/2 twice a day for 4 days. (they were on sale) oh sure, i love them but still be the main ingredient in whatever I do with them.

    Love seeing your ideas, if you ever bought a dehydrator, you would be hooked. :-)

    1. The variety is partially due to the blog...on evenings and weekends, I tend to make a big batch of something and eat on it all week. And if you watch carefully, I recycle a lot of ingredients throughout the week for lunch. :)