Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 109 - Ham Sandwich

Ham sandwich with mustard, sugar snap peas, orange sections, wheat thins with low fat cheese.

Today is just a plain ham and dijon sandwich with traditional and healthy sides - orange sections, wheat thins and little low fat cheeses, and sugar snap peas.  Nothing overly exciting, but sometimes you just have to throw together a sandwich in the morning and get to work.

Watch this week for common ingredients - I bought deli ham, oranges, and asparagus this week.  Of course, I bought other things also, but these came in bulk and will stretch through the week.  I'll even incorporate them at night, too.  This is fairly impractical if you're cooking for a large family all week, but if you're just feeding yourself (or only concentrating on lunches), it can be good to plan a menu with lots of common ingredients.  I usually buy what's on sale to increase my savings and streamlining even more! Pin It Now!

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