Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 56 - Eggy in a Basket

Eggy in a Basket, grapes, clementine
Eggy in a Basket.  Some people call it at Toad in a Hole, but the British call it an Eggy in a basket, and I think everything the British do is cuter, so we're going with that.

Long story short, it's a piece of toast with a hole cut in the middle, with the egg cooked in the hole.  You cook the whole (har har) thing in a skillet, and it's delicious.  I prefer the egg cooked sunny side up, but since I was taking it to work I cooked it over hard this time.  Which is why the yolk is all but disappeared.  It's simple enough that I don't think you need a real recipe, do you?  There's always Google if you need it...

Added some fruit, and I had a pretty good light lunch.  I did get hungry around 3pm, though.  Next time, I'll add a granola bar. Pin It Now!

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