Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 55 - Brisket and Cornbread

Brisket,cornbread, green beans, clementine.

 So, remember the brisket from the Huevos Rancheros the other day?  I had leftovers, so I had them for lunch today, and it was gooood.  Added some cornbread, green beans, and a clementine.  Very satisfying.

It would make sense for me to share the cornbread recipe with you now, wouldn't it?  Yes.  But, this is a family recipe from my mom's friend Susan.  And, since it's a family recipe, I'm not sharing without permission...which I haven't asked for.  Perhaps later!

But for now, you should totally check out Susan's book about restoring Eudora Welty's garden, called One Writer's Garden...it's all about gardening and literature and women and belonging and other good stuff!  AND it's pretty!

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