Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 36 - Fajita Leftovers

Fajita chicken with peppers and onions, Spanish rice, red grapes.

I had this great plan to make a sausage quiche with leftovers from this week with a fruit salad.  I had it all planned out, groceries purchased, even knew how many leftovers I'd have for lunch.

But y'all, I am beat this week.  I could barely keep my eyes open last night at 8:30.  I'm either getting old, or working too hard.

Anyway, I threw my cooking plans out the window and went out to eat.  So for lunch  today I had some delicoius fajita leftovers -  chicken, peppers, rice, and grapes.

Seriously, sometimes slacking off is so much better than being responsible. Pin It Now!

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