Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 34 - Cold Sausage Kabobs

Sausage and cheese kabobs, sugar snap peas, grapes, wheat thins.

One of my favorite guilty pleasures is sausage and cheese on a cracker.  I made a slightly healthier version for lunch today, with kabobs of low fat colby jack cheese and turkey kielbasa.  Added some sugar snap peas, red grapes, and wheat thins.  The only thing I'd change is that I'd have longer to eat it...that good.

I was asked recently why I only do four days of lunches.  No, my work week is not four days.  In fact, I usually end up working 6 days a week.  I do four lunches as a compromise.  I have access at work to a good cafeteria and some department money for lunch (to compensate for that 6th day overtime).  The easiest thing is to just eat at work every day, but that's not at all the healthiest thing.  So, I make myself at least four lunches a week, all somewhat healthy (she says, as she eats more kielbasa and cheese). Then I let myself eat at the cafeteria once or twice a week, and I usually let myself eat whatever sounds good if I've been healthy enough the rest of the week.

Clear as mud?  It works for me, might not work for you.  Everyone's gotta take care of themselves the way that works best! Pin It Now!

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