Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 20 - Spicing Things Up with Hotlanta Sauce

Chicken Tenders with honey mustard and Hotlanta Hot Sauce, dried green beans, black grapes.

Last night was one of those nights where I just threw some frozen chicken tenders in the oven.  It happens.

So I threw in a couple of extra for lunch today and included some TJ's dried green beans and black grapes.  Extremely enjoyable but not at all interesting.

The most interesting thing about this lunch is the orange silicone cup with honey mustard and a healthy dash of Hotlanta Hot Sauce.

Hotlanta Hot Sauce - pic from company website
I'm not a fan of hot sauces at all, but I really like this one.  It's made with peaches which gives it a rounded BBQ kind of flavor.  It's got a little kick, but it's not much hotter than bottled mild salsa.  It makes chicken tenders, seafood dip, sandwiches, and all sorts of other things super tasty!  I've never seen it for sale outside of the Atlanta area, but look around.  I recommend picking up a bottle when  you're in town.

Again, I'm receiving no financial benefit for telling you about this - if that ever happens (yeah, right) - I will say so explicitly.  It's just good stuff, and you should know about it. :) Pin It Now!

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