Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 13 - Bagel Mania

Whole grain bagel - with cream cheese, nova, and capers - strawberries, apples.
I made a foolish decision this week.  Delicious, but foolish.  I was running around doing errands yesterday morning and thought to myself "Self, let's go to our favorite bagel place and get a couple of bagels for breakfast this week!"  It was a great idea...until I left with half a dozen bagels.

In other words, I have a surplus of bagels this week.  But what could be more fun than a week of bagels different ways, right?  Right?

Let's hope I get pretty creative this week, or I may never want another bagel again.

For this week's first lunch, a classic.  Whole grain bagel with low fat whipped cream cheese, wild caught nova smoked salmon, and capers (yes, those are capers squeezed into that tiny little corner).  I could have just assembled all of it at once, but I was afraid the bagel would get soggy and sad.  I also have toaster access during the day, but if you don't then you might want to decide whether to toast at home or eat as is.  Added some strawberries and green apple slices as a side.

I was worried about how full I would be, so I added some almonds to my lunch cooler at the last minute.  I didn't end up really needing them, but I enjoyed them with my 2pm Diet Coke anyway.

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