Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 22 - Man Lunch

Roasted Chicken Sandwich, blueberries, crackers & cheese, Kashi granola bar.
I'm visiting my parents for a couple of days, so instead of documenting my own lunches, I'll show you the lunches I'm making for my dad to take to work.

I'm so nice.

Ok, that wasn't so nice.

Anyway, these are MAN LUNCHES.  If I made steak and mashed potatoes for my dad every night, he'd die happy.  Early, but happy.  So I'm trying to give him lunches that are light, healthy, and will still keep him full.

Today he had a sandwich of pumpernickel bread, dijon mustard, romaine lettuce, fresh tomatoes, and roasted chicken.  I had to squoosh it down (technical term) for it to fit in the box, but there is seriously about half of a chicken on that sandwich.  I included some blueberries, wheat crackers, and light cheese spread.  Threw in a Diet Dr. Pepper and a Kashi bar in case he got snacky.

He claims to have loved it, and to have been too full to finish.

He's never too full to finish.

So if you have one of those people in you're life who's never too full, try this one! 

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