Monday, June 3, 2013

Day 185 - Baked Chicken Breast Leftovers

Baked Chicken, Feta and Pita Crostini, Caesar Salad, Orange Sections
Ah, leftovers!  My favorite part of Monday!

Last night had some tasty baked chicken which had been marinated in Italian Dressing - so I made an extra for lunch today.  Boxed it up along with some feta-pita crostini, caesar salad, and orange sections.

Chicken breast or fish filet and a big plate of salad is a weeknight regular in my kitchen.  I think I have it once or twice a week because it is easy and healthy.  And it's always good to get some greens in you!  They also make great lunch leftovers.  Many nights, I'll mix the salad together minus the dressing, spoon it in a box for lunch, then toss that's night salad with dressing and add a little dressing on the side in my lunch box.  Couldn't be easier, and that way I always have freshly dressed salads! Pin It Now!

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